Fudge for the Gods: Orgasmic, Exotic and Divine

What if I told you I have officially released a Secret Fudge Formula that has been hoarded and coveted for hundreds of years? A secret that, if revealed, would result in the end of the world, the collapse of the cosmos, the destruction of all the known universe?

Well, let's not go that far! But fair enough to say that as I was growing up in the kitchens of my fair mother, aunties and grandmothers, I and my brothers were pointedly told that, if we did let this secret recipe out, what would result would be certain damnation and definite elimination from the Immediate Family Fold - at the very least....

Sorry to say, Mama and all those aunties and grammas are gone now, and I'm the one holding the bag. Or, The Bagge, I should say: The Secret Bagge.

And I'm no spring chicken. So I figured, heckke, let the world end! People need to have this divine concoction! We can sit on our doorsteps as we watch the cosmic demise and chew on our luscious, delicious morsels, celebrating the thousands of years we've had here. Right?

So. Go no further: you've found the Be-all, End-all of Blissful Fudge Recipes.

What more do I have to say?

Not only is this a rich, roll-your-eyes-back recipe, but it's written with the newbie fudge-maker in mind, so if you've never made fudge and don't know how important the little details like getting everything ready beforehand are, you'll appreciate the step-by-step style.

For you wise, old-time experts, all you need is one look and off you'll go - so easy that walking across the kitchen looks complex!

If you are as committed to, dedicated to, and passionate about Divine Chocolate as I am, you'll appreciate the rich, dark chocolate recipe within. I've added several Exotic Variations on the theme as a bonus (ever heard of adding pepper to fudge? Using Maui Sugar? Where do you get Mexican vanilla? Cinnamon???).

To further your knowledge, a bit of Histoire Chocolat has been included, as well as helpful hints how to store and make your precious batch keep. Not that it will last long enough to store!

Don't let anything hold you back!

Go for it - get it right now - you can cook up a batch tonight!!

Get your very own copy right now - only $9.95!

Once you purchase on our secure servers, you'll be promptly directed to the page where you can download the book to your computer's desktop. Even if it's only 2 a.m.! Print it out and use it right away! But wait! No - don't even bother to print it - just drag your computer right into the kitchen....

IMPORTANT! This an Ebook, not a print book!

 Much aloha to you from Hawaii,

Angela Treat Lyon





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